About us

Ulla Models opened its doors in 1978 as Amsterdam's first modelling agency. Four decades later, Claudio Minnai and his team of international scouts and bookers are famous across the globe for their eye for up-and-coming talent, and personal guidance.

Together with his team, Minnai focuses on developing and coaching prestigious talent in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. After a bespoke and correctly finetuned Development phase, an Ulla Model is ready to make waves in the national and international markets in London, Milan, Paris, New York, and many more.

Personal coaching is key, no matter what stage of their career the model is in. As a mother agency, Ulla Models moves in tune with its close network of international clients and agencies in fashion. "Novice models are sometimes less ready for the international market than you realise,” says Minnai. “Our bookers focus on development, by regarding the model as an individual, how each personality can make the connection in the best way possible, and which market is suitable - to make sure we can offer the best opportunities for a successful career. You can rely on us.”

Ulla Models Netherlands is located on the northside of the IJ in Amsterdam.

Ulla Models Belgium, founded in 2012, has its home in the Groen Kwartier in Antwerp.

Ulla Models Germany, since 2019, is in the historical Mitte in Berlin.

REBEL Management

REBEL Management is the male alter ego within the Ulla Models family.

The Model's Health Pledge

The personal wellbeing of the model is always the highest priority.

Ulla Models has signed and shaped The Model's Health Pledge. We are part of this network by conscious choice, by adhering to the twelve promises to improve the models' health. It is our way of striving for the healthiest possible work environment for each person in the fashion industry.